Sleep in tent

Sleep in tent

When going on vocation or outdoor camping, there are a lot of aspects to consider carefully. One of the important things for a great camping is a tent ( Some people prefer to stay in a hotel during their trip; however, others choose to stay through the night by sleeping in a tent. This is not only make the trip more interesting but create chances for people to enjoy the fresh environment as well.

There are various tips that have been discovered by experienced people who often go camping. In this article, you can add more tips for using the tent during the vocation.

  1. Enhance the capacity of the tent – the tent must be well pegged so that it will stick tightly to the pieces of wood. This also prevents the tent from flying away after you have set it. In addition, using the high-quality loops will protect people from the wind and even the immediate rain because of bad weather. However, keep in mind that you should not tighten the tent so carefully in order to remain the fabric for a long time.
  1. Reduce the condensation – Make sure that you keep the vents of your tent open all the time; also, the vents which are placed lower must be clear. In addition, the place you go on holiday also affects the issues of condensation as well. If people go camping at the bottom of the valley or in a high position, the atmosphere will be cold at night which results in high condensation.
Happy family on a camping trip in their tent on a sunny day

Happy family on a camping trip in their tent on a sunny day

  1. Don’t shake your tent – it is better if you have a tent that could stand free by itself. To illustrate, an unpegged tent are less likely to protect user from the rain. In addition, it can cause the leaks for people who stay inside.
  1. Prevent broken poles – when one part of the pole hasn’t been inserted directly in order to connect the joints together, this will cause a pole break. In fact, there are many reasons why the tent pole is broken include
  • When it is about to rain which make you set the tent as fast as possible. This is the one of the most common reasons because you didn’t tight these poles carefully.
  • During the rain, the poles are wet so that they slip out of the joints.
  • The poles and cords are very old. Therefore, its elasticity has been reduced which results in broken poles.
  1. Use the shock cord gently – if the cord breaks, it is not the time to throw away your tent. So don’t worry! The thing you should do in this case is tighten two broken parts together; try to make the tight knot and it will fit carefully like in the beginning.

On the other hand, some people may find it hard to tight these parts together. There is one tip for the user to keep in mind. Take one part and cut out 1 inch until it has an appropriate tension. Or you can easily replace it with the new one from your repair kit.

  1. Fix a tear – this is a common thing when there is a tear on your tent. One thing to keep in mind when using the patch kit is that people must use the clean and dry fabric. If you are in a rush and want to fix it temporarily, just use the duct tape and stick onto both sides of the fabric. In contrast, repair the tear with one clean patch will make it last for a long time. In addition, make sure you stick tightly around the corners; otherwise they will peel off immediately.
  1. Be careful with the zipper – when the zipper is broken, it is not because the tent is older. So when getting out of the tent, user don’t need to open the zipper – just keep it closed. Moreover, when closing the tent’s door, use two hand – one tip zip it and the other one to reduce the tension at that time.
  1. Prevent people and animal from tripping over the tent – some people have said that there were animals that fell of the tent at night. This is not only affect dangerously to the people who stay in the tent, but damage the tent badly as well. However, people are less likely to get in this situation. But you can attach a plastic bag to the cord and people will recognize your tent. Therefore, this is a good way to prevent the unusual cases.


All above are things that have been mentioned for people to remember when going on camping. There are still other situations that make you confuse; however, just keep in mind these things above. They may help sometimes. Good luck!

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