The Basic Steps To Refresh Refrigerator


It is very terrible when you open the fridge with bad smell odors. It causes hard feelings for you as well as pollutes your living space. I have ever used many kinds of odor control products as everyone, but I realize that these products can harm your storage food in fridge and its cost also no cheap. After a long time at attempting in order to find solutions for this problem, I can be confidently saying that I have already done it. I will introduce step by step to help you carry out easily and the ways of avoiding smelly odors appear in your fridge. They are perfectly cheap but have an excessing expected result and safety.

Step 1:

The fridge is unplugged.

Step 2:

You should clear out anything and find properly position to set all what continue to restore after fridge is cleaned. It will be great if you have own two fridges in this case. Because you have spot to preserve foods and avoid the case foods are spoiled a thorough fridge cleaning

Step 3:

Detach and wash containers which contain all kinds of fruit, vegetable. Because they have been absorbed the odor you want to get rid of immediately.  If they made from glass materials is to clean easier than from plastic.

Any containers may have spattered or dripped or spilled. That is why you must wash careful them to push out a smudge of food. To do washing this, you need choose a place that has many blanks as possible as these items are usually big, cumbersome and breakable.

You should also clean the same with racks, crisper or drawers. If needed, you use bottle of apple cider vinegar for this step. Because apple cider vinegar has used as liquidate odors.

The Basic Steps To Refresh Refrigerator


Step 4:

Dry those above items by sun. It is the best time to begin wiping down anything inside walls of the refrigerator and make sure that you do not miss any hard-to-come spots.

Do not forget using a cotton swab to dig out mark what get stinky between the pleats. Say no with bleach, petroleum to clean fridge.

You should use the following options for this stage, Instead of using chemicals.

  • The mixture of water and baking soda: get rid of entirely the gooey spills, neutralize odors and is not easy to realize scent
  • The mixture of water and salt: refresh your fridge, no leaves a scent and non-abrasive.
  • Tomato juice or apple cider vinegar: disappear bad smells, but after that you must rinse it again with soapy water.

The Basic Steps To Refresh Refrigerator-1

Besides, you can use half of lemon throughout the interior to keep fridge smelling fresh for year-round. Or you can also use a ball that made from cotton and soak directly vanilla extract or lemon juice. After that you place it on a fridge shelf a half of day. With this way is to create an additional pleasant aroma.

Hope these steps to help you lost displeased feelings when open the fridge’s door and last its life.

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