The Basic Factors Of Planting Flower


Planting flower is a great idea for making house a bright and beautiful place. You should not just attention to interior designs, nature’s owner way of planting in front of or surrounding house also build successfully the unique beauty of house and create enjoyable feelings after hard working day. Moreover, it helps both be more economical and environmental instead of using colorful lights.


You need have a determining decision that you like planting which one. Because there are many kinds of flowers in order that is suitable for owner’s hoppy, needs. It can be flowers prefer the shape or shade tolerant, annual or perennial… Each involved in the particular ways of planting and watering guidelines, but almost of flowers have attribute as well-drained, needed of full sun (at least six hours of sun everyday) and fertile soil. And when you select flowers to plant, you make sure that it must be match for weather in which you live. Besides, you had better supposed to consider something to create good condition for permanent growth of flower. It incorporates the below things:

  • Space of plant: You need to see direction of sun move across and choose properly spot of each one which creates a more interesting look for the entirely garden. For example, shorter one should be grown in front of taller plants. To doing this, you know a general knowledge about flower as height, color, stage of its growth.
  • Soil requirement: This is extremely important factor impact to grow up strongly. You should choose soil that is less with clay, rocks, sand to and provide additional anything (organic materials, ground limestone…) which have not been already survivedor still do not enough for flower’s growth throughout process of soil’s pH level testing. The quickest way of adding nutrient boost is to mix a bit of fertilizer directly with soil. By doing so, soil is becoming wealthy of organic materials just weeks before you plant.


  • Seeds: you can buy seeds packet in local centralgarden. Beginning these seeds indoors the certain period of time (4-8 weeks) before planning on move them to outdoor garden. This would give seedlings has plenty of time to grow and capable of withstand pests, insects…prior to the transfer. Especially, you should follow the manual that are showed on seed packet. There is to involve you pave seeds with an inch of soil, while others just need to be sprinkled by planter on soil’s surface. And when droppingseeds in soil, do not place it confusedly. The best way is you should place into many rows and space apart each one (0.6 cm). It helps avoid interfering with each other if one of seeds begins developing.
  • Rightly plant time: After having full of two things, you just finish a part of task. Regardless of whether soil is good and health, planting time is must. Flower cannot develop well in environmental condition is so hot or cool. To know which time is reasonable to plant, you just ask person who have experience this field. They would have tips to control development of flower so that meet your requirement.
  • Watering requirement: water as a base is to maintain living for flower and impact metabolic process of plants. There are two categories: water frequently and none frequently. It based for your flower to choose appropriate way. Remember no dropping directly on flower just gentle spritzing to create moisture and harm not to develop root system.

Government is also encouraging citizen planting to decrease pollution in general, bring the colorful beauty for your house in particular. The atmosphere is clean, it can make your lives more and more meaningful, delete stress and pressure what you aredealing with.

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