Sleep in tent

Sleep in tent

When going on vocation or outdoor camping, there are a lot of aspects to consider carefully. One of the important things for a great camping is a tent ( Some people prefer to stay in a hotel during their trip; however, others choose to stay through the night by sleeping in a tent. This is not only make the trip more interesting but create chances for people to enjoy the fresh environment as well.

There are various tips that have been discovered by experienced people who often go camping. In this article, you can add more tips for using the tent during the vocation.

  1. Enhance the capacity of the tent – the tent must be well pegged so that it will stick tightly to the pieces of wood. This also prevents the tent from flying away after you have set it. In addition, using the high-quality loops will protect people from the wind and even the immediate rain because of bad weather. However, keep in mind that you should not tighten the tent so carefully in order to remain the fabric for a long time.
  1. Reduce the condensation – Make sure that you keep the vents of your tent open all the time; also, the vents which are placed lower must be clear. In addition, the place you go on holiday also affects the issues of condensation as well. If people go camping at the bottom of the valley or in a high position, the atmosphere will be cold at night which results in high condensation.
Happy family on a camping trip in their tent on a sunny day

Happy family on a camping trip in their tent on a sunny day

  1. Don’t shake your tent – it is better if you have a tent that could stand free by itself. To illustrate, an unpegged tent are less likely to protect user from the rain. In addition, it can cause the leaks for people who stay inside.
  1. Prevent broken poles – when one part of the pole hasn’t been inserted directly in order to connect the joints together, this will cause a pole break. In fact, there are many reasons why the tent pole is broken include
  • When it is about to rain which make you set the tent as fast as possible. This is the one of the most common reasons because you didn’t tight these poles carefully.
  • During the rain, the poles are wet so that they slip out of the joints.
  • The poles and cords are very old. Therefore, its elasticity has been reduced which results in broken poles.
  1. Use the shock cord gently – if the cord breaks, it is not the time to throw away your tent. So don’t worry! The thing you should do in this case is tighten two broken parts together; try to make the tight knot and it will fit carefully like in the beginning.

On the other hand, some people may find it hard to tight these parts together. There is one tip for the user to keep in mind. Take one part and cut out 1 inch until it has an appropriate tension. Or you can easily replace it with the new one from your repair kit.

  1. Fix a tear – this is a common thing when there is a tear on your tent. One thing to keep in mind when using the patch kit is that people must use the clean and dry fabric. If you are in a rush and want to fix it temporarily, just use the duct tape and stick onto both sides of the fabric. In contrast, repair the tear with one clean patch will make it last for a long time. In addition, make sure you stick tightly around the corners; otherwise they will peel off immediately.
  1. Be careful with the zipper – when the zipper is broken, it is not because the tent is older. So when getting out of the tent, user don’t need to open the zipper – just keep it closed. Moreover, when closing the tent’s door, use two hand – one tip zip it and the other one to reduce the tension at that time.
  1. Prevent people and animal from tripping over the tent – some people have said that there were animals that fell of the tent at night. This is not only affect dangerously to the people who stay in the tent, but damage the tent badly as well. However, people are less likely to get in this situation. But you can attach a plastic bag to the cord and people will recognize your tent. Therefore, this is a good way to prevent the unusual cases.


All above are things that have been mentioned for people to remember when going on camping. There are still other situations that make you confuse; however, just keep in mind these things above. They may help sometimes. Good luck!

The Benefit Of Sport Outdoor Exercises


As you know, daily exercise brings us many benefits both physical and mental. Not only it was demonstrated by experts, but also was recognized by athlete, doctors for its impacts that affect directly to people’s lives. There is no debating which kinds of exercises will be better than, it perfectly depends on individual’s capability as well as hoppy, awareness…you can choose any kind of exercise as long as when you practice, you feel happy, keep it every day (over 30 minutes of moderate) and match for your financial issues. Of course, you are able for spending money to the gym, it is a wonderful and valuable investment because there have guiders, rules, facilities…Others if you have no conditions to go to there the good sound is that you can still get in shape by outdoor exercise. I am glad to show with you reasons why outdoor exercise also is method that you should consider.
Walking, running, swimming, hiking… kinds of sport outdoor. These practice easily alone or do it your family without machine or anything.

1. Free membership fees:

These belongs to citizen, has been built in order that anyone can also freely use and anytime if needed.
More peace atmosphere:
According to research of the environmental protection Agency, outdoor air is not less than twice as clean as indoor air

2. Relationships:

You can exercise with your family, friends, colleague… to be close relationship between members, create value memories, experiences.

3. Providing vitamin D for body

This is a natural way to get vitamin D through absorbing sunlight. Vitamin D is really necessary for us, especially for those who are facing the overweight. They need provide this vitamin as twice as times normal people.
During processing of exercise, you should avoid the following things:

4. Exercise late:

You should limit exercising at the end of day, instead of carrying out it in the morning. This is great time to you enjoy peaceful atmosphere, the temperature is not so hot or cold and your body absorb easily energy from nature aftersleeping.

The Benefit Of Sport Outdoor

5. Temperature extremes:

Shouldn’t do exercise outdoor when it is so hot or cold. It can cause the unexpected consequences

6. Getting burned:

The sun is an extremely necessary for your health. If it is too much or too less, also no bring back good result. The best way is to you protect yourself by sunglasses, hat…

7. Deficient water:

You must drink too much water to make sure that your body always has enough water foractivities because you will lose water through sweating or cool weather. Remember no waiting until you thirsty, you start drinking water. You frequent provide water for body.

The Benefit Of Sport Outdoor-1

8. Lazy:

You make a plan or have strict rules to exercise frequently every day, finding ways to it becomes your habit. You take the time to do exercise (from 20 to 30 minutes), it will helps you get fitness and good health.
You can use all senses and connects between body and mind for outside exercise. This will help you become more and a more getting fitness and awareness to ready for challenges in your life.

The Basic Steps To Refresh Refrigerator


It is very terrible when you open the fridge with bad smell odors. It causes hard feelings for you as well as pollutes your living space. I have ever used many kinds of odor control products as everyone, but I realize that these products can harm your storage food in fridge and its cost also no cheap. After a long time at attempting in order to find solutions for this problem, I can be confidently saying that I have already done it. I will introduce step by step to help you carry out easily and the ways of avoiding smelly odors appear in your fridge. They are perfectly cheap but have an excessing expected result and safety.

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Induction Cooktops -The Best Selection For Cooking


To balancing and meeting living requirements in busy social life. People need the support from technological tools to not take so much time for certain thing, and you can do effectively many things at the same time.An induction cooktop reviews is one of tools which help you save time, energy, money and not only it is used in house, but also in restaurant, store. It is appreciated by chefs, homemakers, cooks about design, use and surpassing conventional tools as gas stoves or traditional electric.

Before you intend to buy induction cooktop, I sure that you have already researched so much throughout comments of used people on related website, television,…which type or model you are suitable for. You can see this page they gather all kinds of brands to compare easily, it incorporates type and model and prices. Each one has its unique positive function.

1. Kinds of selection

With portable induction cookstop-1 Burner

Its magnitude is small, the way of easy move and the weight is slight. You can use it both indoor as an additional burner for your kitchen in increasingly using snap situations (holiday, meetings…) and outdoor.

With portable induction cookstop-2 Burner

I think this kind is much used in family, it meet requirements about speed and efficient energy and using needs.

Firstly, you have 1800 watts of power to usetwo burners. The wattage is distributed each one, if this one account for 80%, the other get 20% left.  It allows you to cook many types of foods at the same time and save maximum of the energy. You no need much time to prepare meals for family.

Second, you can place it anywhere as long as you like and bring comfortable feelings for cooking in kitchen space.

These same points between kinds are to have a touch induction button control with LED digital displays. It gets easily use as well as read instruction on it. In this case, for of those usually forget turn off the heat, it will automatically switch off themselves. It is also so simple to clean.

With induction built-in

It includes five burners and each one has different size.

It creates elegance for kitchen spaces

There are nearly 20 levels of power to be suited to standards of requirement temperature of each food.

It make of annoying for cleaning because liquid or foods are never becoming burnt.

With induction range

It not only accumulate all most advanced factors of above kinds, but also it makes your kitchen space becomes more opulent, smarter. It is designed together oven and use convection technological heating. You have many selections about temperatures throughout range, it means while maintaining everything warm in the warming drawer, you still cook foods effectively. But you should consider the cost if you need use this kind.

2. Why should choose induction instead of electric or gas cooktops?

Induction – electric cooktop

Induction Cooktops-The Best Selection For Cooking

  • If using induction cooktops, heat will spread out whole cooktop. It just focus where pan contact directly with surface of cooktop. This means when you use the span have smaller size than the burner, it just get heated in range of pan, no for surrounding space. You, therefore, not consume wastefully resource of energy for that blank space. In the contrary, electric cooktops must heat the entire cooktop. It leads to dangers during process of cooking. You just not deliberately touch anywhere on surface of this cooktops, it causes injury and appears unexpected scar.
  • Besides, induction have extra safe function as automatically power off, set up time that help forgetful or busy people, have warning signal when unwanted situation happen… These functions perfectly no have with electric cooktops.
  • With cleaning induction cooktops, it is much easier than that of electric cooktops. Its surface is flat you just use a damp cloth to slight clean without much body’s energy. Someone usually complaint that food gets sticky on cooktop’s surface, it is so difficult to separate them out. But I strongly believe that it will not happens situation that food is baked on when using induction, because heat just survive anywhere exclude thesepositions your pan sits.
  • Induction Cooktops-The Best Selection For Cooking-1

Induction – gas cooktops

  • It is sound great that using induction for cooking is much quicker than gas cooking.
  • If you have ever used gas cooking, I sure you will agree that it cooks food by a naked flame, also simultaneously create an inconvenient kitchen environment (heat by fire, bad smell by gas).
  • Induction Cooktops-The Best Selection For Cooking-2
  • Gas is not good for healthy and you must consume energy wastefully at the unnecessary position. It is set a certain range of burning flame. Therefore, it follows up that setting although your pan is smaller or bigger than thatrange. This means will just have benefits when you use pan that match for or bigger flame.
  • Due to complex design (no straight) on the gas cooking’s surface is to cause difficulties when you clean, foods can accumulate in the slot a long time or also be scrubbed off but creates scratches on it because of process of cleaning.

In conclusion, with the mentioned benefits of induction cooktops and its cost might not be expensive as you think either. I strongly believe that you are perfectly pleasure if you make a decision to buy induction cooktops.

4 Main Factors To Choose The Best Family Tent


Best family tent do not means as the most expensive thing, it must be comfortable and affordable one to all your house’s members who get together with you to enjoy camping trips. In the market, there are obvious varieties of tent. With this tent can be suitable for you, it is not sure that will also suitable for someone else. Each person always set special standards with product they buy which can meets for needs when they use. By doing this, you should consider below elements to choose the best one.

4 Main Factors To Choose The Best Family Tent

1. SIZE:

Tents are many size, it may be for two or four or six man… You must determine that the maximum number of person who will sleep in a tent to estimate how many square feet is space of your needed tent.  You usually choose size of tent which is larger than sleeping space for all people in tent. Because you do not only need spaces for sleeping, but also have spaces for baggage etc.

For example, whether your trip incorporates four people, you should buy one that is a 6 person tent. It makes sure that you can stretch out comfortably no affect tent sides and ignore the height of people in this case as well. But you also consider buying big enough one or the larger the tent, the larger campsite you need.


Tent is made of canvas, coated polyester so on. Each one has negative and positive aspect, you should choose appropriately.

The point resemble between them is waterproof that is compulsory factor for all kinds of tent. Despite canvas is so durable, this material will make tent become heavy when it is rained or the water get absorbed.

4 Main Factors To Choose The Best Family Tent-1

On the contrary, polyester is not affected by this problem. Its color will fade gradually due to sunlight. This will destroy your tent over time. The two materials account for higher proportion of user than different materials. To overcoming mentioned negative side and have variety of choices, manufactures usually use rip-stop and thicker fabric.

You should wrap the fly around tent to prevent from rain, windy and extend it with suitable size (over the door a little). The rain, therefore, will certainly not enter or leave when you close or open door.

Besides, the zips are a critical part of the tent. You should check carefully, try to move up or down m  ore times to sure that it does not catch on the tent fabric and zip must be made of no rusting materials, durable because this is part impacts directly environment as sun, rain, wind…

4 Main Factors To Choose The Best Family Tent-2


4 Main Factors To Choose The Best Family Tent-3

It is better to choose tent which is suitable for environment. With each certain types of weather, it has how to control as well as against its consequences bring. For instance, if you use it in a summer camping, you need to choose lightweight fabric to against harsh conditions.

The using period of time also is deciding factor for choosing the appropriate one. You will have great time during trip if it no happen difficult situation which cause bad feelings as so cold, hot, rain enter indoors. Many different cases more is camp in rain, camp in winter.


Whenever you buy anything, you also consider its prices and compare with brands as well despite of poor or rich people. As I mentioned, buying one is expensive, it does not mean it is the best for you. You should choose on that is suitable for condition and meet all of your needs despite cheap or expensive prices. If you just consider one special factor is price, I sure that you will spend much more money to cost its maintenance after consuming short time.

Moreover, there are different factors more to help you consider making a decision as flooring, ventilation, ways of use, additional feature,…Hope you think carefully before you buy this which save memorable period of pastime for your family.

The Basic Factors Of Planting Flower


Planting flower is a great idea for making house a bright and beautiful place. You should not just attention to interior designs, nature’s owner way of planting in front of or surrounding house also build successfully the unique beauty of house and create enjoyable feelings after hard working day. Moreover, it helps both be more economical and environmental instead of using colorful lights.


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7 Reasons why you should send your kids to sports camps


When summer is around, many parents have troubles figuring out what to do with their kids. Maybe you already plan a family camp, but it cannot last all summer and when it is finished and the best camping tent of your family has been put away, there is nothing you can think of.

You definitely do not want your kids just stay indoors all days everyday watching TVs, eating snacks or playing games during all the free time. You want them to have something to do, something to play and something to learn at the same time. So why not sending them to sports camps? There are so many good reasons to do that.

1. It is good for kids’ health:

It is good for kid's health

It is good for kid’s health

Sending kids to sports camp means having them stay active during summer. If their free time is not put to good use, they may end up just laze around. And I’m sure you know that when kids laze around, they end up eating too much, watching TV too much or playing games too much. All of that can do harm to your kids’ eyesight or result in them having obesity (

Sports camps can develop a good habit or hobby of exercising for kids, which will eventually ensure your kids health for a long time.

2. They help kids put their energy to good use:

If your kids are not the type to laze around, with all the spare energy, they might end up making mess after mess at home when there is no one to keep an eye on them. Also, there are chances that there is no one to stay at home with the kids as both you parents have to work. Who knows what on earth can happen when your kids are home alone, right?

3. They provide a change:

Going to a camp can be a big chance of pace. Your kids might need an environment other than the familiar neighborhood. Also, to kids, summer is the time to go somewhere else, somewhere different from home.

Sports camp is that environment that your kids need, a fresh, exciting environment to play, to learn and to discover new things.

4. Practicing sports help to learn new skills:

Practicing sports help to learn new skills

Practicing sports help to learn new skills

There are a lot of skills that a sport can help kids develop, not only those specific skills for that specific type of sport but many others. There are skills regarding body-control and breathing techniques. There are also social skills such as teamwork and socializing. Your kids can even learn to stay confident( and concentrated, to keep calm in pressing situation. All of them will be helpful in the long run one way or another.

5. They help kids adopt good work ethics:

Through practicing, your kids can learn that you can only achieve something through hard work. Sports camps can help kids understand the importance of dedication and perseverance. Also, by playing sports in team, kids can learn how to rely, to trust others and to be responsible.

6. Friendship:



If your kids are of the shy type, sports camps are great places for them to make friends. When sharing the same goals, it is easy for people to bond, the same applied for kids. Moreover, they can meet friends of their ages that share the same interest.

Having a best friends and good friends is important for kids’ mental development. And who knows, maybe your kids will have a lasting, lifetime friend thanks to the camp.

7. They can learn to compete in a good way:

Competition is bound to happen in life. Competing in sports can teach your kids sportsmanship (,which will help them develop an honest personality. Your kids can learn to respect their opponents even when they win and to not feel bitter when they lose.


These above mentioned are wonderful benefits from sending your kids to sports camps. But above all, remember that attending camps is a way for your kids to have fun. They are young and you should create all kinds of opportunities to experience as many things as possible and sport camp is one experience you do not kids to miss.

Also, though your kids might need some convincing if they are currently not into sport or exercising, you should never be too forceful. If your kid can truly and willingly enjoy sports and they are cut out for it, you might be raising a future sport star. Who knows, right?

A guide to recovering after running a marathon


After running a marathon, whether you have finished within your desired time or not, your body deserves to have some time for recovery. After all, the main reason for you to do marathon should be to train your body, not just for the win. Therefore, if you do not take care of your body after that, the real purpose will be defeated.

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How to train to run your first marathon


Marathon is one of those sport competitions that is steadily gaining popularity. It is a great way to challenge yourself, to give yourself a goal to strive towards and to prove that you can achieve what you have set your eyes on.

However, marathon is not something you can take so lightly. You have to put in a serious effort and put up a good fight to really enjoy the run( 22 – Tips to enjoy running to the fullest). Before the run, you have to get yourself ready by trainning seriously. We have some tips here to help you finish your first run feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

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Tips to enjoy running to the fullest


Running is a popular activity since it is a sport for everybody and it does not require having special gears and equipment. Looking as simple as it does, there are more to an enjoyable run than you can imagine. There are many things you have to take notice of to run to the best of your interest.

Here are some very simple and easy to forget things that you have to take care of in order to make the best out of your runs. Follow them and have the best run of your life.

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