4 Main Factors To Choose The Best Family Tent


Best family tent do not means as the most expensive thing, it must be comfortable and affordable one to all your house’s members who get together with you to enjoy camping trips. In the market, there are obvious varieties of tent. With this tent can be suitable for you, it is not sure that will also suitable for someone else. Each person always set special standards with product they buy which can meets for needs when they use. By doing this, you should consider below elements to choose the best one.

4 Main Factors To Choose The Best Family Tent

1. SIZE:

Tents are many size, it may be for two or four or six man… You must determine that the maximum number of person who will sleep in a tent to estimate how many square feet is space of your needed tent.  You usually choose size of tent which is larger than sleeping space for all people in tent. Because you do not only need spaces for sleeping, but also have spaces for baggage etc.

For example, whether your trip incorporates four people, you should buy one that is a 6 person tent. It makes sure that you can stretch out comfortably no affect tent sides and ignore the height of people in this case as well. But you also consider buying big enough one or the larger the tent, the larger campsite you need.


Tent is made of canvas, coated polyester so on. Each one has negative and positive aspect, you should choose appropriately.

The point resemble between them is waterproof that is compulsory factor for all kinds of tent. Despite canvas is so durable, this material will make tent become heavy when it is rained or the water get absorbed.

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On the contrary, polyester is not affected by this problem. Its color will fade gradually due to sunlight. This will destroy your tent over time. The two materials account for higher proportion of user than different materials. To overcoming mentioned negative side and have variety of choices, manufactures usually use rip-stop and thicker fabric.

You should wrap the fly around tent to prevent from rain, windy and extend it with suitable size (over the door a little). The rain, therefore, will certainly not enter or leave when you close or open door.

Besides, the zips are a critical part of the tent. You should check carefully, try to move up or down m  ore times to sure that it does not catch on the tent fabric and zip must be made of no rusting materials, durable because this is part impacts directly environment as sun, rain, wind…

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It is better to choose tent which is suitable for environment. With each certain types of weather, it has how to control as well as against its consequences bring. For instance, if you use it in a summer camping, you need to choose lightweight fabric to against harsh conditions.

The using period of time also is deciding factor for choosing the appropriate one. You will have great time during trip if it no happen difficult situation which cause bad feelings as so cold, hot, rain enter indoors. Many different cases more is camp in rain, camp in winter.


Whenever you buy anything, you also consider its prices and compare with brands as well despite of poor or rich people. As I mentioned, buying one is expensive, it does not mean it is the best for you. You should choose on that is suitable for condition and meet all of your needs despite cheap or expensive prices. If you just consider one special factor is price, I sure that you will spend much more money to cost its maintenance after consuming short time.

Moreover, there are different factors more to help you consider making a decision as flooring, ventilation, ways of use, additional feature,…Hope you think carefully before you buy this which save memorable period of pastime for your family.

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